Zaps It Starter Kit (3 gallons Zaps It, 1 Hydro Sprayer), FREE SHIPPING

Zaps It Starter Kit (3 gallons Zaps It, 1 Hydro Sprayer), FREE SHIPPING

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ZAPS-IT ™ is a blend of friendly bacteria which remain inactive in the bottle. When sprayed on a problem area, the solution penetrates into porous surfaces, grouting, cracks and hard to reach areas. Upon contact with residues of urine, feces, vomit, blood, food soils and other organic wastes enzymes begin breaking down the odor-forming organics into liquids. The bacteria then convert the absorbed organics into carbon dioxide and water which quickly dissipate. While this process is taking place, the pleasant fragrance of ZAPS-IT ™ provides immediate relief from bad odors.

ZAPS-IT ™ enhances the natural waste treatment process by providing the right blend of selectively adapted enzyme producing bacteria to solve your toughest odor and staining problems.

The Starter Kit comes with 3 gallons of Zaps It and a Hydro Sprayer. The sprayer uses tips to dilute the product properly. We recommend starting with the green tip. Just hook it up to a water hose, pour Zaps It into the sprayer, and apply.

Ingredients (CAS#): Water (7732-18-5) Proprietary bacterial blend (NoCAS#) Propylene Glycol (57-55-6) Polyoxythylene Sorbitan Monolaurate (9005-64-5) Fragrance (NoCAS#) Proxel GXL (2634-33-5) Styrene/acrylic copolymer (NoCAS#)